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10 September 2011

This post has been taken down by due to a DCMA copyright violation complaint. Apparently Skin Full don't appreciate free publicity or the traditional means that working class kids had of hearing new bands when they had no money for records (copy or bootleg cassettes). Skin Full went ahead and filed a complaint like RCA records would have.

All I can say is that they are the assholes if some working class kid who cant afford the luxury of buying their album misses out on good music and instead turns into some chav that vandalizes Skin Full's local pub someday. sent me an email allowing me to put this post back up if I removed the link to the content. I have removed the link and instead have a link to 2 torrents of this exact album. The links is not posted to violate my agreement with, it is to show that anyone can find anything they want with google.

1. Smash 'Em To The Ground
2. Pariah
3. Friday Night
4. Hooligan
5. EU Law
6. Unity
7. Love It Or Leave It
8. Mr. Bouncer
9. Suicide Bomber
10. Road Rage
11. Lapdancer
12. DIY Scene

Download Link: Skinfull - Drinking Class Heroes (320k)