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25 June 2011

Vicious Rumours - Sickest Men In Town (320k)

Classic album by a classic Oi band. Over time this band played with many Oi and R.A.C. bands including Skrewdriver, the Die-Hards, Public Enemy, and Brutal Attack.

1. Wipit
2. Too Close For Comfort
3. Some Day
4. Bob On The Job
5. Never Been In Love
6. Pull You Through
7. Time To Run
8. On thing On Our Minds
9. Lap It Up
10. Moose On The Loose
11. All The Things We Used To Do
12. Splad Rap Splid Rib
13. Runaway Train
14. This Is Your Life
15. Vicious Rumours
16. Take The Blame
17. Pull You Through
18. Surfin In Newquay
19. One Thing On Our Minds

14 June 2011

White Lightning - Destiny (BOTH VERSIONS)

This is a great classic album, containing several members of the recent band THUG.  For some reason it was recorded once and put under a limited pressing - then recorded again and pressed a second time. Both recordings sound very different. If you know this album you have most likely heard the second version as the first version is very rare. Both versions sound so different it almost sounds like 2 different bands......

If anyone has better quality of the 1st version or the record itself and would like to sell it contact me through facebook or on the shoutbox to the side of this blog.

1. Australian Youth
2. We Rule
3. Lest We Forget
4. 1000 New Years
5. Howling
6. Old Battalion
7. Freedoms Flame
8. Destiny

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