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19 March 2011

T.H.U.G. - Self Titled (256k vbr)

Great Aussie Oi album. Members of this band are veterans of the Austrralian scene from the 80's. Some from the classic band White Lightning. A great hard-hitting, sometimes melodic album. This one is a instant classic and has a regular spot on my stereo.

01. The Way It Is
02. 69
03. Rabbit On
04. Gunnin 4 U
05. Forever Forward
06. One Mans War
07. We Made It
08. Going Down
09. R.I.P.
10. Fishys
11. We Rule O.K.

14 March 2011

Hitler Is On The Air - Novelty Record

 This is a double-lp novelty record set from the late 70's. Each lp has an hour of audio on it. The audio here comes from various sources during the war, but it was all broadcast by the Germans, or people who agree with the Germans. A rare slice of history that is also very entertaining.

1. Adolf Hitler - Address To The Reichstag - 11-12-1941
2. Youre The Top - Charlie and His Orchestra - June 1941
3. German American Bund Rally - 20 Feb 1939 (Portions of an evening long Washington's birthday rally at Madison Square Gardens. Recorded by WOR-Mutual, but not broadcast.)
4. Little Sir Echo - Charlie and His Orchestra - August 1942
5. Paul Revere - 9 Sept 1941 (Radio Propaganda Broadcast from Berlin by Douglas Chandler whose radio name was Paul Revere)
6. Robert Best - 9 Sept 1942 (A speech from Berlin as this American campaigns for Congress and every other office in absentia from Germany)
7. I've got a Pocketful of Dreams - Charlie and His Orchestra - April 1942
8. You've Started Something - Charlie and His Orchestra - July 1942
9. Axis Sally - Reichrundfunk Overseas Service - 18 May 1943 (Midge at the mike with Mildred Gillars *known by American soldiers as Axis Sally* recorded by thee FCC.)
10. Station DEBUNK - frequency marker and sign on music - 29 April 1942
11. Lord Haw Haw - William Joyce's last speech broadcast made while severely under the influence of alcohol - 30 April 1945
12. Daisy Daisy - Charlie and His Orchestra - Feb 1942

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