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Some of the stuff on here may be offensive to you, go away.

This blog is here to spread good music, if you like the music buy an album or shirt from the bands!!!!


        This blog contains links to media hosted on 3rd party sites which require you to open a link to download. All of the media is in compressed folders requiring a program like 7zip to open them ( Large files will be split into several smaller ones that cannot be opened unless all are downloaded to the same area on your computer before unzipping.

        I also recommend installing jDownloader ( jDownloader will automatically download any link when you right click and copy a link from any webpage. This works with many filehosting services including MegaUpload, RapidShare, MediaFire, etc. Install jDownloader and set it up and it will do "link-grabbing" (any time you copy the music download link I post jDownloader will automatically download it).

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