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31 May 2011

The Wrongdoers - Helsinki (320k)

1. Here To Stay
2. Fighting For Your Life
3. What Went Wrong
4. I Can't Let It Go
5. My Home
6. Turns To Dust
7. Oi! For Finland
8. Wasting Away

30 May 2011

4-Skins - Secret Life Of The 4-Skins (320k)

4-Skins rarities album including radio recodings and some live stuff not released before.

1. Wonderful World
2. Jealousy
3. One Law For Them
4. Evil
5. Yesterday's Heroes
6. The Greatest $-Skin Rip Off
7. Things Aint Gonna Change
8. Watcha Gonna Do
9. Chaos
10. Clockwork Skinhead
11. ACAB
12. Summer Holiday
13. Wonderfule World
14. Evil

Bulldog Skin - Demo '92 (320k)

The sound for track 6 is a little damaged from the original demo recording, but still a great album.

1. We're Skins
2. Ora Di Rivolta
3. Potenza Bianca
4. Noi
5. Vivere
6. Gioventù Armata
7. Bulldog Skin
8. Oi! Rivoluzione

27 May 2011

Rock Against Communism Vol. 1 (320k)

Classic Oi/RAC compilation from 1983.


London Branch-
1. Death Penalty
2. What Of Our Empre
3. Bulldog Breed
4. Stronger Defense
5. Martial Law

6. British Justice
7. Apathy
8. Joe Public
9. Argentina

10. If Theres A Riot
11. Midnight Train
12. Streetfight
13. Dont Let Em Pull You Down
14. Voice Of Britain

The Die-Hards-
15. W.W.M.
16. Vengeance
17. Skinhead '85
18. Razor Blade Nightmare
19. You're A Die-Hard
20. We Ain't Scared Of No-One

THUG vs Argy Bargy - Branded EP (320k)

THUG & Argy Bargy split 7" EP: "Branded".

1. Dog (THUG)
2. Never Change (THUG)
3. Be Somebody (Argy Bargy)
4. All The Lessons (Argy Bargy)

Bisson & The Vikings - Steelcapped Story (320k)

New album from Bisson And The Vikings, it's very good.
If you like it buy it from their website for 17 Euros (free shipping).
I do not know how long they will sell the album at this price, be sure to get a copy before they are gone......

1. Doc Marten Party
2. Greetings
3. Terror
4. Rapist of the Year
5. March Ahead
6. Patriotic Power
7. Across the Sea
8. Dieter RIP
9. For Our Friends
10. The Wars Within
11. United Brothers
12. The Steelcapped Story
13. Show No Mercy
14. Pride In The Struggle
15. Skinhead Warrior
16. Angel to Anna-Lena

23 May 2011

Oi! A Tribute [1996] (320k)

Compilation album from 1996 with many good bands covering 80's songs by classic Oi bands.

1. Heroes - Razors In The Night (Blitz)
2. Ultima Thule - The Power & The Glory (Cockney Rejects)
3. Blind System - If The Kids Are United (Sham 69)
4. Midgards Soner - Real Enemy (Business)
5. Jinx - Give Us A Future (One Way System)
6. Tin Soldiers - New Punks (Anti-Social)
7. Nordwind - Beginning Of The End (Cockney Rejects)
8. Hasslich - Stolz (Bohse Onkelz)
9. Midgards Soner - Someone's Gonna Die (Blitz)
10. Ultima Thule - Take Em All (Cock Sparrer)
11. Blind System - Hersham Boys (Sham 69)
12. Heroes - Yesterdays Heroes (4-Skins)
13. West Side Boys - Rapist (Combat 84)
14. Tin Soldiers - Get Addicted (The Adicts)
15. Hasslich - Vereint (Bohse Onkelz)
16. Viringarna - Watch Your Back (Cock Sparrer)
17. Jinx - Warriors (Blitz)
18. Nordwind - Questions & Answers (Sham 69)
19. Ultima Thule / Jinx - Chaos (4-Skins)
20. Kai - Because You're Young (Cock Sparrer)
21. Boots & Braces - Last Years Youth (Menace)

Artless - How Much Punk Rock Do You Hear In Russia 1984 (256k vbr)

Sloppy NYC punk from 1984. The first song is about idiot punks who thought communism is a good idea and that the Soviet Union was better than the Western Society. The song asks them how much punk rock they heard coming out of Russia in 1984. Then it goes on to tell them that if they lived in the Soviet Union they wouldn't be allowed to listen to punk rock and if they didn't like it they would be put into a Gulag.
Funny and true lyrics.

1. How Much Punk Rock Do You Hear In Russia
2. We Want Nuclear War
3. I Am A Rock

No Meaning - Οι αξίες τους

Punks Not Red from Greece

Music Video: Böhse Onkelz - Stolz (full song)



Here is a picture of a crusty-punk for you guys. Hope you don't puke! HAHA

22 May 2011

Betrayed - Forever England ~demo 1986~ (320k)

Great classic Oi!

1. Red River Of Ulster
2. Satans Calling
3. My Tomorrow
4. Vicious Rumours
5. Judgement Day
6. Remember
7. Backlash
8. Forever England

21 May 2011

Condemned 84 - The Real Oi! 7" (320k)

Newest single from the hardest working band in Oi!

1. I Just Wanna Be Famous
2. The Sound Of Oi!
3. No One Likes Us, We Dont Care

London Branch - Demo 1983 (320k)

A truly great CLASSIC album. This may be a demo, but it is recorded and mixed better than many of the classic Oi & RAC albums we all listen to.
If you are a fan of classic British Oi/RAC as much as I am you NEED this album.

1. Death Penalty
2. What Of Our Empire?
3. Bulldog Breed
4. Stronger Defense
5. Martial Law

20 May 2011

Die Deutschen Kommen ~early 80's Rock-O-Rama comp~ (320k)

1982 Rock-O-Rama punk compilation. All German bands. This seems to be a pretty rare comp so check it out.

1. Fasaga - Pogo In der Strassenbahn
2. Fasaga - Amoklauf
3. Fasaga - Schwächling
4. Fasaga - Ich hab kein Gehirn mehr
5. Der Fluch - Wenn die Hexen tanzen
6. Der Fluch - Ich bin der Satan
7. Der Fluch - Halb Mensch halb Tier
8. Der Fluch - Die Nacht der Toten
9. Cotzbrocken - Kiffer
10. Cotzbrocken - Oi Oi Oi
11. Cotzbrocken - Was werden sie tun
12. OHL - Der Osten
13. OHL - Die Macht des Feuers
14. OHL - Soldaten leben länger
15. OHL - Freiheit
16. Stosstrupp - Im Wald
17. Stosstrupp - Arbeitslos
18. Stosstrupp - Wie lange noch

LINKBACK to Combat Hellas

We've Got The Right has been noticed by Veteran blog-site Combat Hellas today and they have put a link on their page.

If you haven't seen the Combat Hellas blog yet here is the link. Their blog has been around for quite a bit longer than this one and has links to many good files.

Skinheads BBC Documentary "40 Minutes" 1982

This is the controversial 1982 BBC "Skinheads" documentary on the program "40 Minutes".

They were looking to make a program to show their viewers what a bunch of no-good bastards skinheads are & they needed a band to follow around so they asked Combat 84, who went along with it thinking the media exposure would help them sell records.

This is the video that got Combat 84 banned and blacklisted in many places in the U.K. as well as their record label dropping them and selling their material to Rock-O-Rama just to be rid of them.

This video is a low quality 398 mb file, if you or anyone you know has a better quality version and would like to share it contact me on facebook.

If you have problems unzipping these files refer to the HELP page.

Another Mans Poison - Howsa Bout That (192k)

Classic album by an almost unknown band.


1 Stick To Your Guns
2 Selling Out
3 Stiff Upper Lip
4 Greed Surrounds
5 Spirit Of Bobby Moore
6 Something Outta Nothing
7 Happiness Is A Loan
8 Alf Garnett's Heart Attack
9 Working Museum
10 Howsa 'Bout That!
Bonus Tracks
11 I Spit On My Fist
12 Wallop
13 Now That's What I Call
14 Alf Garnett's Heart Attack (Old Version)
15 Siciny On The Scaffold