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27 May 2011

Bisson & The Vikings - Steelcapped Story (320k)

New album from Bisson And The Vikings, it's very good.
If you like it buy it from their website for 17 Euros (free shipping).
I do not know how long they will sell the album at this price, be sure to get a copy before they are gone......

1. Doc Marten Party
2. Greetings
3. Terror
4. Rapist of the Year
5. March Ahead
6. Patriotic Power
7. Across the Sea
8. Dieter RIP
9. For Our Friends
10. The Wars Within
11. United Brothers
12. The Steelcapped Story
13. Show No Mercy
14. Pride In The Struggle
15. Skinhead Warrior
16. Angel to Anna-Lena