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20 November 2010

The Rotters - Pull It And Yell

The Rotters were a snotty, offensive 70's punk band from San Fancisco. High quality lyrics about everything from nuking the whales, wanting to be the fuhrer, and even a song about Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac that got them banned from the radio and many venues.

Track List:
1. Amputee
2. Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks
3. I Wanna Be Cloned
4. I'm A Friend
5. Please Don't Send Me To The Delousing Showers
6. I Want To Be The Fuhrer
7. Pink Flamingos
8. You're A Nip
9. Autolobotomy (about frying your brain with television)
10. Sink The Whales, Buy Japanese Goods
11. Disco Queen
12. Thanks God I'm Damned