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18 November 2010

Stars & Stripes - Shaved For Battle

Classic late 80's Oi band from Boston. Stars and Stripes was a side project from "Choke" the singer from Slapshot, Negative FX, and Last Rights. I guess you have a lot of time for bands when you are straight edge.

With such classic lines like "Our heads are shaved for battle, and thats what we're gonna do, our docs are made for kicking, and they'll kick the shit out of you" this album is sure to please, unless you are a pussy and do not like cool things.

Track List:
1. Shaved For Battle
2. We're Not Criminals
3. Skinheads On The Rampage
4. In The Right
5. Street Kids
6. Here's One For The Lads
7. American Oi!
8. The Power & The Glory
9. Dedicated
10. Proud, Strong, & Free
11. Nowhere
12. Nothing To Fight For Anymore
13. Gang Riot
14. Doc Marten Army
15. Drop The Bomb
16. Time To Live, Time To Die