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07 October 2010

Anti-PC Decal

Not that long ago when my friends and I would start explaining why being P.C. is stupid we realized that many people never even questioned it, because "everyone thinks that way", right? Just because it's all you see on t.v. or hear in the news does not mean the majority of people feel that way. In reality it is only a tiny, yet highly vocal minority who think that way. They just make a point of yelling their point of view over the voice of everyone else so it's all you hear. Most of us that disagree consider ourselves to be normal and feel no need to shout our points of view to the world, but that is changing as we see our basic freedoms and rights to question authority being taken away from us. Our world is turning into a P.C. police state where you get attacked or called "crazy" for voicing a different opinion than what is currently P.C.

I was searching google last night for a anti-pc graphic to steal and meld into the logo for this blog when I found many websites selling anti-pc gear.

Here is my favorite: Anti-PC Decal