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14 October 2010

News: Too Many White Jurors In New York

There are too many white jurors in New York and, with effect from last week, all would-be jury members are screened to make sure that they are of the “correct” nonwhite race before being allowed to carry out their duties.

The incredible policy — which would have provoked a torrent of accusations of “racism” had it been set up to reduce the number of nonwhite jurors — has been implemented in accordance with Judiciary Law 528, passed by the state legislature earlier this year.

The law was passed because of a 2006 Citizen ActionNew York study which suggested that nonwhites are “significantly underrepresented in civil jury pools.”

Instead of addressing that issue — possibly because the answer to the obvious question is so unpalatable — it is much easier for liberals to simply outlaw too many whites from doing civic duty.

The new law requires all people showing up for jury duty in New York to fill out a questionnaire that asks for their race and ethnic background.

The irony of this seems to have been lost on the liberal legislators who, on the one hand almost to a man deny that race even exists, or claim it is a “social construct,” while on the other, they fail to grasp that it is extreme racial discrimination, to which they all claim to be opposed.

According to reports, guidance sent out by the state Office of Court Administration says that jury commissioners must hand out the information cards to jurors.

The guidance goes on to say that the commissioners must tell the jurors that the law obliges them to collect the data, with the relevant law printed on the back of the card.

Interestingly, the official guidance formally instructs the commissions not to say anything else about that card or why it is being distributed.

Furthermore, the guidance continues, commissioners are “not to offer any opinions on why the data is being collected.”

The questions ask if the juror is male or female; year of birth; if they are of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin, with different boxes for different countries of origin; and race, with 15 options including “other” with a space for write-ins.

The law is yet another example of the poison of institutionalized anti-white racism which has been allowed and encouraged to spread all over the country.
The American Third Position exists to give political voice to white Americans to challenge these blatantly unjust laws. 

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