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14 October 2010

News: PA Court Case Reveals Extent of Government’s Anti-White Employment Policies

A dramatic court case currently underway involving a Filipino-owned company fronting for a white-owned builder in order to win state contracts has revealed exactly how anti-white official government employment policy has become.

The origin of the court case lies in the “Disadvantaged-Business Program” or DBE, an affirmative-action project established in 1983 by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

It requires 10 percent of every federal highway, bridge, and mass-transit construction project to be contracted to small or minority-owned companies. In a DBE company, 51 percent of the investors must be nonwhite.

If a company meets these qualifications, they automatically get preference over white-owned companies even if the latter are cheaper or better qualified.

Angered at this state of affairs, the white owners of Schuylkill Products Inc., a Cressona, PA-based prestressed-concrete business developed a plan in conjunction with a struggling Philippines-born immigrant, Romeo P. Cruz.

Mr. Cruz started a company, Marikina Construction Corp., which fulfilled all the requirements of the DBE program.

Because of the anti-white nature of the government program, contracts were almost immediately awarded to Marikina Construction without so much as a background check or investigation to see if the company was legitimate.

If any such check had been made, it would have found that Marikina Construction had its offices in a Connecticut basement and possessed no major assets with which it could hope to produce large-scale engineering projects.

Nonetheless, the contracts flowed thick and fast to Marikina Construction for 15 years, with the final total value of all contracts being in the region of $119 million.

Marikina Construction was awarded contracts for no less than 336 bridge projects across the state — purely because the company was, on paper, owned by nonwhites.

In reality, of course, the work was merely subcontracted to Schuylkill Products whose workers performed virtually every task.

According to court evidence, Schuylkill employees negotiated DBE deals for Marikina, delivered and installed concrete beams, and funnelled their payroll through Marikina.

They even slapped Marikina signs on the Schuylkill Products trucks they drove to job sites.

“In essence, Schuylkill Products . . . rented Marikina’s name and DBE status to obtain lucrative government contracts that were slotted for small and disadvantaged businesses,” prosecutor Bruce Brandler said at the court hearing.

The scheme only unravelled when a former disaffected employee tipped off federal agents, otherwise it would doubtless still be going on.

The court papers made it clear that the work done was of a high standard and in all other respects perfectly acceptable — except that it had been done by a white-owned company.

Is this the level of insanity to which we have dropped? Is this what America is all about, where white people must pay nonwhites to front fake companies in order to win government contracts?

The time has come to end the endemic anti-white racism which permeates the government — and the American Third Position is dedicated to eradicating that evil once and for all.

Help us to do it. Today.